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Agenda item

Health and Wellbeing Board Terms of Reference Review

Report of the Director of Public Health.



Further to the consideration given at the meeting of the Board on 27th September 2018 to future meeting arrangements, including proposals to conduct reviews of Accountable Care Partnership governance and Health and Wellbeing Board membership and terms of reference, the Director of Public Health, Sheffield City Council, submitted a report (a) providing a summary of the discussions held during November with a range of members around the Board’s development, (b) recommending some minor amendments to the Board’s terms of reference in the light of those discussions and (c) posing the following questions:-

·         Do the Board wish to make any recommendations for changes to membership, beyond the formal addition of the Executive Director of Place and the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods & Community Safety?

·         Do the Board wish to discuss the requirements of Board members in more depth, and make further recommendations for change as a consequence?

·         Do the Board wish to make formal commitments in the Terms of Reference (or elsewhere) with regard to communication?

·         Do the Board agree with the other proposals set out in the report?




The Board gave consideration to each of the recommendations and questions, set out in the report, pertaining to each section of its terms of reference, and the following matters were agreed/supported:-


Role and Function

·         Paragraph 1.6 be revised to articulate the requirements relating to the Better Care Fund (Jennie Milner to supply details to Greg Fell). 

·         Paragraph 1.8 be revised as proposed.



·         To include the Executive Director, Place, Sheffield City Council, and the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety.

·         Remove the place for a Housing Association voice.

·         To include a 2nd VCF place.

·         The academic place be retained but it be recommended that the appointee be a student representative from one of the city’s universities.

·         To discuss with the Executive Director, People Services, Sheffield City Council, whether to include a place for an educational expert, possibly from the Schools Forum.

·         To include formalisation of the Accountable Care Partnership’s representation.



·         Paragraph 3.2 be revised as proposed.

·         Paragraph 3.7 be revised as proposed.


Meetings, Agendas & Papers

·         Paragraph 4.1 be revised as proposed.


Role of a Health & Wellbeing Board Member

·         No changes be made to this section, recognising that the requirement to name one deputy and ensure deputies are well briefed is incorporated in the proposed revision to paragraph 3.2 of the terms of reference.


Engagement with the Public & Providers

·         Paragraphs 6.1 and 6.3 be revised as proposed, whilst acknowledging that there is need to be mindful of the resource implications for Healthwatch Sheffield.

·         Paragraph 6.2 be revised as proposed.



·         Retain the requirement to review the terms of reference on an annual basis.




RESOLVED: That the Director of Public Health be requested to (A) produce revised terms of reference for the Board, as now agreed, (B) obtain the approval of the Co-Chairs to the proposed revised terms of reference and then circulate them to all members of the Board for information, (C) submit the proposed revised terms of reference for formal approval at the meeting of the Council to be held on 6th February 2019 and (D) circulate the approved terms of reference to all the partner organisations.




Supporting documents: