Agenda item

School Admission Requests - Secondary School Places

Report of the Executive Director, Children, Young People and Families



The Executive Director, People Services, submitted reports and commented upon 11 cases where parents had expressed a wish for their children to be admitted to secondary schools of their choice.  The Executive Director stated that places in secondary schools had been identified by the City Council, in accordance with the published admission criteria, and it had been agreed that the Executive Director would provisionally allocate places at those schools where there were places available, up to the standard number/admission limit.  The Committee was requested to consider prioritising the pupils on waiting lists, within their respective categories, for admission if and when places become available. 




The Committee were informed that nine cases had been withdrawn, as the places had been allocated (Case Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11).




The Committee gave consideration to all the supporting evidence and information provided by the pupils’ parents including, in both cases, evidence and advice provided by voluntary or professional bodies and organisations and, arising therefrom, it was:-




RESOLVED: That (a) one pupil be not prioritised on the waiting list, within the respective category, on the grounds that the Committee considers that there are no exceptional educational, financial, medical or family circumstances demonstrated (Case No.3); and




(b) one pupil be prioritised at the top of the waiting list in the “catchment” category on the grounds that there are exceptional medical circumstances (Case No.6).