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Agenda item

Issues to Raise from Other Scrutiny Committees

The Chairs of the Scrutiny Committees to report



The Chairs of the Scrutiny and Policy Development Committees in attendance, updated the Committee on the respective Committees’ work.




Further to comments raised by the Chair, in her capacity as Chair of the Economic and Environmental Wellbeing Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee, referring specifically to the meeting to consider the call-in of the Individual Cabinet Member Decision on parking fees and charges on 20th March, 2019, Councillor Ian Auckland referred to comments made by Councillor Lewis Dagnall (Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport) at that meeting.  Councillor Auckland stated that Councillor Dagnall had made reference to the loss of income to the Council, from car parking charges, as a result of the call-in, and considered this to be inappropriate, particularly as he was a Cabinet Member, thereby responsible for determining both the timescales of when decisions were to be made and the Cabinet agendas.   




RESOLVED: That the Committee:-




(a)      notes the information reported by the Chairs of the Scrutiny and Policy Development Committees, together with the comments made by Councillor Ian Auckland; and




(b)      reaffirms its commitment to the belief that the Council’s scrutiny function is separate from Executive functions. 




(NOTE: Prior to the passing of the above resolution, an alternative Motion was moved by Councillor Ian Auckland, seconded by Councillor Penny Baker, as follows:-




‘That this Committee notes that the Executive controls the Forward Plan and Cabinet agendas, therefore any adverse financial impacts of a no action call-in is in the hands of the Executive’.




The votes on the alternative Motion were ordered to be recorded and were as follows:-




For the alternative Motion (3)


Councillors Ian Auckland, Penny Baker and Douglas Johnson






Against the alternative Motion (4)


Councillors Denise Fox, George Lindars-Hammond, Pat Midgley and Mick Rooney).