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Agenda item

Draft Work Programme 2019/20

Report of the Policy and Improvement Officer



The Committee received a report of the Policy and Improvement Officer containing the draft Work Programme for 2019/20.




Also in attendance for this item were Eugene Walker (Executive Director, Resources) and James Henderson (Director of Policy, Performance and Communications).




James Henderson reported on the role of this Committee, referring to the topics it had discussed at previous meetings, and inviting Members to raise any other suggested topics which the Committee may wish to consider.  Mr Henderson referred specifically to the possibility of the Committee scrutinising the budget in more depth. 




Members made a number of suggestions with regard to additional topics they would like the Committee to consider.




RESOLVED: That the Committee:-




(a)       notes and approves the draft Work Programme for 2019/20, as set out in the report now submitted, subject to:




(i)         the addition of four additional topics - Communication and Consultation, Information Technology, Citizens’ Assembly and Governance Arrangements and, in connection with the four additional topics, requests that:-




(A)       particular effort be made to allocate time to fully scrutinise any new proposed Governance arrangements, in accordance with the resolutions passed at the Council meeting held on 3rd July 2019;



(B)       the Chair talks to Councillor Olivia Blake (Cabinet Member for Finance, Resources and Governance) to get an idea of the scale of the proposals regarding any new Governance arrangements, with a view to bringing an initial scoping paper to the September 2019 meeting;




(C)       the Committee be afforded the opportunity to look at the proposals with regard to the establishment of a Citizens’ Assembly, prior to any further proposals being made, or any proposed membership arrangements agreed;




(D)       discussions on Information Technology be deferred to the Municipal year 2020/21 to allow for it to be tested after being brought back in-house; and




(E)       Task and Finish Group be established to look into communications and consultation on the budget process, comprising cross-party membership of the Committee, to be Chaired by Councillor Sioned-Mair Richards, and with the opposition parties referring their nominations to the Policy and Improvement Officer;




(ii)        the Access to Mental Health Services – Call for Evidence, be considered by both the Children, Young People and Family Support and Healthier Communities and Adult Social Care Scrutiny and Policy Development Committees, and not this Committee; and




(iii)       the proposed item on Sheffield City Region be considered by the Economic and Environmental Wellbeing Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee, and not this Committee;




(b)       agrees that two sessions, as opposed to the three currently proposed, be allocated to discuss the budget; and




(c)        requests the Policy and Improvement Officer to amend the draft Work Programme for 2019/20, based on the amendments and suggestions now made, for submission to the next meeting.


Supporting documents: