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Bus Rapid Transit Northern Route (BRT North) : Approval for Compulsory Purchase Order Publication and Acquisition of Land

Report of the Executive Director, Place.







The Executive Director, Place, submitted a report describing the proposed Bus Rapid Transit Northern Route (BRT North) which would provide new fast, efficient and sustainable public transport links between the centres of Rotherham and Sheffield, providing direct access to the Lower Don Valley which is the development spine of the Sheffield City Region . In particular, it was explained that, in order to deliver the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) Northern Route to the Programme agreed with Government, the required land to build the scheme must be acquired and all rights negotiated in the calendar years 2012/13 and that this would involve the acquisition and/or granting of rights over of a total of 15 plots of land.




The intention was to acquire the land by negotiation. However, a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) scheme was being developed in parallel to give certainty of scheme delivery. The land required would be purchased at market value and its acquisition would represent an increase in the Council’s asset portfolio.










authority be given for the City Council to make a Compulsory Purchase Order under the powers conferred by the Highways Act 1980 to acquire the land coloured pink on the Map displayed at the meeting of Cabinet on 11th July 2012 and marked 'Map referred to in The City of Sheffield (Attercliffe Common, Carbrook St, Dunlop St, Weedon St, Meadowhall Way, Sheffield Rd) (Bus Rapid Transit Northern Route) (Classified Road A6178, C747) Compulsory Purchase Order 2012'






the Director of Legal Services be authorized to (i) approve the making of the CPO and to take all necessary procedural steps prior to and after the making of the CPO, to enable the CPO to be submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport for confirmation including : -





finalising the draft statement of reasons;




finalising the Schedule of Interests;




serving notices of the making of the CPO on all persons entitled to such notice and placing necessary press notices;






and (ii) submit the CPO to the Secretary of State for confirmation;






the Director of Finance and the Director of Property and Facilities Management Services, be authorised in conjunction with the Director of Legal Services, to acquire and/or secure affected land and rights by agreement up to the value of £750,000 for individual interests in parallel with the Compulsory Purchase Order, so that the Council can practically implement the scheme;






the Director of Legal Services be authorised to sign and serve any Notices and documents and, together with the Executive Director of Place, to take all other necessary action to give effect to the decisions now made; and






as soon as the Order is confirmed by the Secretary of State for Transport to advertise the confirmation of the CPO and serve all necessary notices of confirmation and once the CPO becomes operative, the Director of Legal Services be authorised to serve Notices to Treat under Section 5 of the Compulsory Purchase Act1965, and where necessary, to serve Notices of Entry under Section 11 of the same Act in respect of the land included in the Order, or to execute general vesting declarations under the Compulsory Purchase (Vesting Declarations) Act 1981. 





Reasons for Recommendations




Acquisition of the land, and the making of powers to compulsorily purchase any plots that cannot be negotiated by agreement, are necessary to deliver the BRT North scheme which will contribute to the objectives of ‘Standing up for Sheffield’ and the Sheffield City Region Transport Strategy.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




The Bus Rapid Transit North Scheme was itself developed as a bus-based alternative to the proposed Supertram extensions which were rejected by the Department for Transport for not representing a sufficiently high value for money.




In light of the Government’s 2011 spending review, the BRT North scheme was refined and value-engineered to represent the optimum design solution which maximises benefits whilst minimising capital expenditure.


Supporting documents: