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Capital Programme Approvals 2012-13 (Month 1)

Report of the Executive Director, Resources.







The Executive Director, Resources, submitted a report seeking approval for a number of variations and additions to the 2012/13 Capital Programme, as well as the approval of two procurement strategies for the delivery of projects in the Programme.




RESOLVED: That Cabinet :-






approves the proposed additions to the Capital Programme listed in Appendix 1, including the procurement strategies and delegates authority to the Director of Commercial Services orDelegated Officer, as appropriate,  to award the necessary contracts following stage approval by the Capital Programme Group






approves the variations in Appendix 1;





(c )

notes the following variations to the Capital Programme:-







two variations approved within the delegated limit of the Executive Management Team for a value of £38,000, namely, Housing Demolition Contract and Park Grange Drive Shops Demolition; and








no variations had been approved by Directors under their delegated authority; and






notes one emergency approval with a value of £150,000, namely Rivelin Valley Playbuilder. .





Reasons for Decision




The proposed changes to the Capital Programme will improve the transport, homes and leisure facilities used by the people of Sheffield.




To formally record changes to the Capital Programme in line with Financial Regulations and to reset the Capital Programme in line with latest information.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




A number of alternative courses of action are considered as part of the process undertaken by Officers before decisions are recommended to Members. The recommendations made to Members represent what Officers believe to be the best options available to the Council, in line with Council priorities, given the constraints on funding and the use to which funding is put within the Revenue Budget and the Capital Programme.


Supporting documents: