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Division Street Temporary Closure

Cycle Sheffield to report



The Committee received a paper from CycleSheffield on an assessment of the trial pedestrianisation of Division Street and Devonshire Street, on Saturday, 19th and Sunday, 20th October 2019.  Dexter Johnstone and Andrew Rodgers (CycleSheffield) attended the meeting. 




Dexter Johnstone referred to the paper, which set out information on the background to the trial, the objectives of the trial, observations noted throughout the weekend, including human, motor traffic and environmental issues, feedback following the trial and recommendations in terms of possible pedestrianisation of this and other streets in the City in the future.  The Committee also viewed a short video of the proceedings of the weekend.




Members of the Committee raised questions, and the following responses were provided:-




·             Similar pedestrianisation trials had been undertaken in other areas of the country, such as Waltham Forest, and had proved very successful in terms of the shared use of space.  It was hoped that, if further trials could be held in Sheffield, or if some streets or parts of such streets, could become permanently pedestrianised, there would be a need for the implementation of soft landscaping.  It was suggested that further trials be undertaken on other suitable streets in the City during the day so as not to disrupt commuters. 




·             The event had proved very successful, particularly based on the positive feedback received. Based on its success, CycleSheffield would like to see more pedestrianisation on the streets in the City.




·             Suggestions had been made in terms of the possible pedestrianisation of parts of Ecclesall Road and South Road, but there were complications with these areas on the basis that they carry arterial traffic.  These are two areas which could possibly be explored, and CycleSheffield would be happy to support any development in terms of the future pedestrianisation of these roads.




·             CycleSheffield were very mindful of the risks of allowing cyclists to use the pedestrianised streets, but considered that any risk to pedestrians was very low.




RESOLVED: That the Committee:-




(a)      notes the contents of the paper now circulated, together with the information now reported and the responses to the questions raised;




(b)      thanks Dexter Johnstone and Andrew Rodgers for attending the meeting, and responding to the questions raised; and




(c)      notes the success of the trial pedestrianisation of Division Street and Devonshire Street, and welcomes the involvement of CycleSheffield in any further proposed pedestrianisation of streets in the City.