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Agenda item

Public Questions and Petitions

To receive any questions or petitions from members of the public



Members of the public raised questions as follows:-




Nigel Slack




Whilst recognising that the usual protocol is for details of the agendas for meetings to be published seven days before the meeting itself, could I ask that, in these unusual circumstances of the special sessions of the Committee, details be circulated as soon as possible?




The Policy and Improvement Officer reported that details of all the special meetings of the Committee, to discuss the governance review, were now on the Council website, and there were plans to upload the presentation to be made at this meeting, and which contained a detailed schedule in terms of how the special meetings would be organised, together with timings, to the website.




The Committee placed on record its thanks and appreciation to the valuable work undertaken by Nigel Slack in connection with the governance review.




Woll Newall




Given that thousands of Sheffield voters have told It’s Our City that they want their Councillors to work together, to do the best for the City, what proposals are this Committee going to recommend to encourage a healthy culture and cross-party working?




The Committee noted Mr Newall’s question, which had been read out by the Policy and Improvement Officer in his absence, and agreed that this was relevant to the governance review underway, and stressed that this was part of the deliberation of governance issues.