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Agenda item

Minutes of Previous Meeting

To approve the minutes of the meeting of Committee held on 3rd February, 2020



The minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 3rd February 2020, were approved as a correct record, subject to the amendment of Item 3 - Declarations of Interest, by the addition of the following paragraph under that item:-




(c)      Councillor Kevin Oxley declared a personal interest as his daughter worked for the Department for Education. 




Arising therefrom:-




(a)      the Policy and Improvement Officer (Alice Nicholson) reported that:-




(i)              she had circulated information on the new Domestic and Sexual Abuse Strategy for Sheffield to Members;




(ii)             further to the special meeting of the Committee held on 17th December 2019, (A) an update on the Sheffield Youth Cabinet would be provided under Item 9 (Voice and Influence of Children and Young People), at this meeting, (B) the Chair had contacted the Leader of the Council in connection with the request that City Council Cabinet Members address a meeting of the Youth Cabinet, and the Leader had given her approval to this request, and (C) steps were being taken to ensure that the Youth Cabinet would have at least one place on the Citizens’ Assembly for Climate Change; and




(iii)            further to Item 6 (Sheffield Inclusion Strategy 2020-25 and Special Educational Needs Disabilities), details regarding the information requested from Sapphire Johnson, regarding the waiting times at Rygate, and the work being undertaken to address this, should be reported under Item 8 (Children and Young People’s Mental Health Transformation Programme – Update) at this meeting; and




(b)     further to a check by the Policy and Improvement Officer as to whether the information requested from the Chief Executive Officer, Sheffield Futures, regarding data on those ‘hot spot’ areas in the City in which criminal activity had taken place, it was confirmed that such information was no longer required; and






(c)      Councillor Abtisam Mohamed (Cabinet Member for Education and Skills) reported that herself and the Head of Special Educational Needs (Tim Armstrong) had met with the parents who had raised the questions at the meeting of the Committee on 3rd February, 2020, to discuss their respective concerns. 


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