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Agenda item

Application No. 17/00161/FUL - Land At The Junction Of Oughtibridge Lane And Platts Lane, Sheffield, S35 0HP.



The Officer presented the report which gave details of the application and highlighted the history of the site and the key issues set out in the report.



Mr. Phil Owen had spoken in support of the previous application and his comments were also relevant to this application.



The Committee considered the report and proposed conditions having regard to the development plan, the National Planning Policy Framework and other relevant considerations as summarised in the report now submitted and also having regard to representations made during the meeting.



RESOLVED: That Application No. 17/00161/FUL - Erection of 34x dwellings with associated access, parking and landscaping works at land at the junction of Oughtibridge Lane and Platts Lane, Sheffield, S35 0HP be REFUSED for the following reasons:


1. The Local Planning Authority consider that the proposed highways improvements, which include signalising the rail bridge on Oughtibridge Lane, would have an unacceptable impact on the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and other road users, and detrimentally effect the free and safe flow of traffic on Oughtibridge Lane and Station Lane. The development is therefore contrary to Policy IB9 (f) of the Sheffield Unitary Development Plan, Policy CS51 (e) of the Core Strategy and paragraphs 108 (b) and (c), 109 and 110 (c) of the National Planning Policy Framework.


2. The Local Planning Authority considers that as the application site and the facilities and services in Oughtibridge (including public transport) cannot be accessed safely, the scheme represents an unsustainable and unsuitable form of residential development that does not take opportunities to prioritise and promote sustainable transport and access.  The development is therefore contrary to Policies IB9 (f) and H15 (a) of the Sheffield Unitary Development Plan, Policies CS23, CS51 (b) and (e), CS53 (a) and CS63 (a), (c) and (h) of the Core Strategy and Paragraphs 8 (b), 91 (a) and (c), 102 (c), 108 (a) and (c), 110 (a) and (c) and 127 (f) of the National Planning Policy Framework.



Supporting documents: