Agenda item

School Admission Requests - Primary School Places

Report of the Executive Director, People Services



The Executive Director, People Services, submitted reports and commented upon two cases (B1 and B2) where parents had expressed a wish for their child to be admitted to a primary school of their choice.  The Executive Director stated that places at the primary school had been allocated on the 16th April national allocation date by the City Council, in accordance with the published admission criteria.




The Committee gave consideration to all the supporting evidence and information provided by the pupils’ parents, including medical evidence.  The Committee was asked to consider whether there were any significant and material changes in the circumstances of the families, since the original applications were made, to authorise that a fresh application be made, which would allow a fresh right of appeal for the school and also, based on the information provided, to prioritise on the waiting list for the School, and, arising therefrom, it was:-




RESOLVED: That upon consideration of the cases, and with due regard to the additional information now submitted, the Committee considers that there has not been material changes in the families’ circumstances in the cases (Case Nos. B1 and B2) and therefore (a) refuses to grant fresh applications and (b) determines that the pupils be not prioritised on the waiting lists, within the non-catchment category, on the grounds that the Committee did not consider that there was compelling evidence to place the pupils above other children in their admission category.