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The Second Update and Review of Temporary Emergency Officer Delegations in Response to the situation with Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Report of the Chief Licensing Officer.



The Chief Licensing Officer submitted a report containing a review of the additional temporary delegations granted to the Chief Licensing Officer at the meeting of the Committee held on 27th April 2020, to enable the continued management of the Licensing Service during the ongoing position with Coronavirus (Covid-19) (Ref No.61/20). 




Steve Lonnia, Chief Licensing Officer and Head of Licensing outlined the background to the report and stated that although the powers have been used sparingly in several different licensing systems, they have been quick and efficient.  He said that there was to be a further review in October, 2020 and that vehicle testing had already re-commenced.  He said that decisions had been taken with regard to street trading, whereby quarterly fees had been waived, there had only been one case to regarding civil marriage registration and the fees for pavement cafes had not been charged.




Members of the Committee raised questions, and the following responses were provided:-




·                     Since the reopening of pubs and restaurants on 4th July, Enforcement Staff had not failed in their duties and had worked diligently.  During that first weekend, it had been very quiet, there were only four or five pubs that were not operating correctly and it was anticipated that these would be visited again with the Police and Health Protection Officers.  The vast majority of businesses have carried out what was asked of them.




·                     With regard to pavement cafes, the Chief Licensing Officer had sent an email to UNITE and he agreed to provide Members with a copy of the email.




·                     With regard to street trading consent applications, the law requires that each case be considered and that the Policy doesn’t dictate the outcome of the case.




RESOLVED: That the additional temporary emergency delegations that were put in place on the 27th April, 2020 to enable the continued management of the Licensing Service, be left in place and reviewed in two months’ time.


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