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Agenda item

Covid-19 Pandemic



The Chair (Councillor Julie Dore), in welcoming everyone to this first meeting of the Cabinet since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, commented that she wished to place on record the Council’s recognition and acknowledgement of the tremendous efforts of everyone in the City in connection with lockdown during the pandemic, with everyone having seen their lives adversely affected in some way.  She stated that special thanks needed to be conveyed to all concerned for adhering to the social distancing measures, undertaking volunteer work and continuing to work in their normal professions.  She stated that it was accepted that it was a very difficult time for people, particularly those having to self-isolate, and not being able to see friends or families, as well as those missing every-day events or special events, such as weddings, funerals or memorable birthday parties.  She stressed that one of the biggest challenges facing people was not being able to visit friends and relatives in care homes or not being able to attend funeral services of those family members and friends who had passed away during the pandemic.  Councillor Dore expressed huge gratitude to those Council staff who continued to work for the City, as well as expressing thanks to NHS staff and staff in care homes and other care establishments for their excellent work in such unprecedented times.  She stated that many workers were putting themselves at the forefront of danger, particularly those working in the health sector.  She paid particular respect to those workers who were having to carry on working, such as porters, cleaners, refuse collectors, park wardens, transport workers and teachers, stating that they were all doing a tremendous job in terms of keeping the City running.  Councillor Dore concluded by referring to the excellent work being undertaken within the health, social care and voluntary and community faith sectors, as well as those workers providing emergency transport and working with food banks, who had all pulled together in partnership, providing help and assistance for the most vulnerable in the City.