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Public Questions and Petitions

To receive any questions or petitions from members of the public



Brian Holmshaw raised the following question - In one recent local planning application, ‘substandard living conditions’ were not considered to be grounds for refusal.  In another application for ‘student residential accommodation’, the developer defended tiny room sizes as not being intended for ‘long-term student occupation’.  This is not acceptable for the wellbeing of current or future residents.  Why have Sheffield City Council never put minimum space standards for housing in place and are they going to do it now?




In response, Simon Vincent (Service Manager, Strategic Planning) stated that the Government had introduced nationally prescribed space standards in 2015, which were to replace all locally set standards, but in order to apply these nationally set standards, local authorities would have to have a local plan.  Therefore, until the new Local Plan had been formally adopted, the Council was unable to apply the nationally set standards until that time.  The nationally set standards were available for inspection on the Government website.