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Agenda item

Minutes of Previous Meeting

To approve the minutes of the meetings of Committee held on 19th November, 2020



The minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 19th November 2020, were approved as a correct record and, arising therefrom, the Policy and Improvement Officer (Alice Nicholson) reported that further to the attendance by a number of members of the Sheffield Youth Cabinet at the meeting, a number of Members of this Committee had met further with the Youth Cabinet on 13th January 2021, to listen to their views following recent further Government announcements regarding schools, learning and summer assessment.




Ms Nicholson referred to the document circulated to Members prior to this meeting, which set out a number of recommendations of the Youth Cabinet, following the meeting on 13th January, and specifically to the consultation which had just commenced on the arrangements with regard to examinations in Summer 2021.




The Chair stated that it was important to ensure that the Council was being supportive of the issues currently being faced by young people, both with regard to their education and general wellbeing.  He referred to the importance of the Youth Cabinet being able to influence policy and/or participate in some form of event or process in order to highlight the issues they are having to face on a daily basis.




RESOLVED: That, in the light of the information now reported, the Committee approved the suggested recommendations set out in the paper circulated prior to this meeting, and for the recommendations to be forwarded to Councillors Abtisam Mohamed (Cabinet Member for Education and Skills), Jackie Drayton (Cabinet Member for Children and Families) and relevant officers for further consideration.


Supporting documents: