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Agenda item

Minutes of Previous Meeting

To approve the minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 21st January, 2021



The minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 21st January 2021, were approved as a correct record and, arising therefrom, the Policy and Improvement Officer (Alice Nicholson) reported that (a) the recommendations of the Sheffield Youth Cabinet, following its meeting with this Committee on 19th November 2020, had been referred to Councillor Abtisam Mohamed (Cabinet Member for Education and Skills), Councillor Jackie Drayton (Cabinet Member for Children and Families), John Macilwraith (Executive Director, People Services) and Andrew Jones (Director of Education and Skills), and Learn Sheffield had opened a dialogue with the Youth Cabinet on their needs and suggestions, (b) a response had been sent to the member of the public who had raised a question regarding the opening of nurseries during the pandemic and (c) the Director of Children and Families had not yet provided more detailed information for all Members of the Council on the Amber Project, contextualised safeguarding and signs of safety, and the Committee requested that this information be sent as soon as possible and, based on the response and views of Members, a decision would then be made as to how this issue would be considered further.



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