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Food Poverty – Interim Report

Report of the Food Poverty Working Group



The Committee received an interim report of the Food Poverty Working Group, which had been established by this Committee, and had met throughout February and March 2021, to (a) consider (i) the extent, impact and experience of food poverty in the city and (ii) the support and services in place across the city to tackle food poverty, and (b) review the Council’s response to food poverty.




Councillor Cate McDonald introduced the report, indicating that the work had comprised an interesting and intense piece of work, undertaken within a relatively short timescale, and that, subject to the approval of this Committee, the report, which comprised the first phase of the work, would be submitted to the Cabinet for consideration.  Councillor McDonald indicated that the Working Group had acknowledged that food poverty comprised just one element of poverty faced by some residents.




Emily Standbrook-Shaw (Policy and Improvement Officer) referred to the other areas of poverty that the Working Group had identified as part of its work, and which would be included on this Committee’s Work Programme for 2021/22.  She highlighted the excellent work currently being undertaken by numerous groups and organisations in terms of helping to tackle food poverty.




In response to a question raised, it was stated that, following news of a food bank in Gleadless Valley found to be struggling due to high demand, and which was unaware of arrangements in other areas of the city, an officer had been requested to map out the location of all food banks in the city so as to make it clear where people should be directed to.




RESOLVED: That the Committee:-




(a)           notes the contents of the interim report on the work of the Food Poverty Working Group now submitted, together with the comments now made and response to the question raised;




(b)           thanks (i) those Committee Members on the Working Group for the excellent work undertaken within a relatively short timescale and (ii) Emily Standbrook-Shaw (Policy and Improvement Officer) for co-ordinating the work of the Group;




(c)           approves the recommendations set out in the report, and submission of the report to the Cabinet, for a response; and




(d)      requests that the report be referred to the Health and Wellbeing Board for comment.


Supporting documents: