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Agenda item

Application No. 20/03568/FUL - 162-170 Devonshire Street, Sheffield, S3 7SG



A further representation, along with the officer response was included within the Supplementary Report circulated and summarised at the meeting.



The Officer presented the report which gave details of the application and highlighted the history of the site and the key issues in addition to presenting photographs of the site which were provided to committee members in advance of the meeting.



Nick Roscoe attended the meeting and spoke against the application.



Charles Dunn attended the meeting and spoke in support of the application.



The Committee considered the report and recommended conditions having regard to the development plan, the National Planning Policy Framework and other relevant considerations as summarised in the report and supplementary report, now submitted and also having regard to representations made during the meeting.



RESOLVED: That an application for the demolition of existing buildings and erection of a four-storey office building (Use Class E) (Amended information, including Heritage Statement, published on 10 February 2021) at 162-170 Devonshire Street, Sheffield, S3 7SG (Application No. 20/03568/FUL) be REFUSED on the grounds that the design of the scheme was out of character in the street scene and would be harmful to the setting of the nearby Grade II listed Wharncliffe Fireclay Works. Members felt that the new building would dominate and be an obtrusive feature in the street and would not be a harmonious addition to the historic terrace. Furthermore they considered that the development would result in an adverse impact on occupiers of adjoining property due to its proximity, overbearing nature and loss of light. The final wording of the refusal reasons, with appropriate policy references, to be agreed by officers and Co-Chairs.



Supporting documents: