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Audit and Standards Committee Terms of Reference

Report of the Director of Legal and Governance.




 6.1     The terms of reference were provided to Members of the Audit and Standards Committee in order to understand the remit of the Committee.


6.2      The Chair of the Committee advised that at point 22 of the terms of reference ‘to discharge the functions of dealing with complaints against Councillors and Co-Opted Members as set out in the Procedure for Dealing with Complaints Regarding City, Parish and Town Councillors and Co-Opted Members’, there had recently been some concerns over a complaint that was currently in the public domain and after discussed with the Leader, it was agreed that the Monitoring Officer Gillian Duckworth would carry out a review of the complaint procedures and report back to the Committee in July.


6.3      RESOLVED: - that (1) the Committee notes the terms of reference and understands the remit of the Committee and (2) agrees that the Monitoring Officer carry out a review of the member complaint procedures and report back to the next meeting in July.


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