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External Audit Re-Procurement Report

Report of the Head of Strategic Finance.
























The Head of Strategic Finance, Dave Phillips, explained the purpose of the report is to communicate what factors to be considered when re-procuring the Council’s external audit service.


The Council currently had a 5-year contract with Ernst & Young (external auditors) which was procured nationally through Public Sector Audit Appointments (PSAA). The Majority of Councils including Sheffield, opted-in to the national procurement process rather than procuring auditors themselves.


Although the Council was only 3-years into the contract, the PSAA was starting the process of the next re-procurement exercise, and as part of this giving all councils the option on whether they would like to opt-in to the national procurement process again, or if they would like to re-procure themselves, or jointly with other councils.


The Head of Strategic Finance highlighted that the report explained the different options and recommended that the Council chose to opt-in with PSAA again for re-procuring external auditors.


RESOLVED: - That the committee endorses the decision to opt-in to PSAA re-procurement.



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