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Agenda item

Representation, Delegated Authority and Related Issues

To consider any changes to the memberships and arrangements for meetings of Committees etc., delegated authority, and the appointment of representatives to serve on other bodies.





RESOLVED: On the Motion of Councillor Dianne Hurst, seconded by Councillor Garry Weatherall, that:-




(a) it be noted that Councillor Fran Belbin, who was elected on 16th September 2021 as a Firth Park Ward Councillor, has joined the Labour Group on the Council, thereby restoring the political composition of the Council to the position that was reported to the Council’s Annual General Meeting on 19th May 2021, i.e. 41 Labour : 29 Lib Dem : 13 Green : 1 Other (Councillor Lewis Chinchen, Conservative), and that, accordingly, there is no change required to be made to the allocation of seats on Council Committees to the political groups, as approved at the Council meeting on 7th July 2021;




(b) approval be given to the following changes to the memberships of Committees, Boards, etc.:-




Transitional Committee Substitute (non-Executive) Members


Councillor Fran Belbin to fill a vacancy;

Councillors Simon Clement-Jones and Mike Levery to replace Councillors Sue Alston and Richard Shaw






North East Local Area Committee


Councillor Fran Belbin to fill a vacancy






(c) representatives be appointed to serve on other bodies as follows:-




South Yorkshire Pensions Authority


Councillor Fran Belbin to fill a vacancy






South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Audit & Standards Committee


Councillor Tim Huggan to fill a substitute Member vacancy






Together Housing – Local Panel


Councillor Josie Paszek to fill a vacancy










Reserve and Cadet Forces Association – Yorkshire and Humber


Councillor Tony Downing to replace Councillor Tony Damms; Councillor Denise Fox to fill a substitute Member vacancy






Southey/Owlerton Area Regeneration Board


Councillor Fran Belbin to replace Councillor Garry Weatherall






(d) it be noted that the Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority changed its name to the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, with effect from 17th September 2021.






Supporting documents: