Agenda item

COVID-19 Update (20 mins)



Chris Gibbons was in attendance to provide an update on COVID-19. Chris talked attendees through a number of slides outlining the current COVID-19 position in Sheffield. He stated that Sheffield’s infection rate was lower than a number of cities within South Yorkshire. Chris stated that there had been some increases in younger people, between the ages of 19 and 24, and for those living in Care Homes. Chris said that the removal of restrictions on gathering and working from home had influenced the increase.



Chris stated that hospital admissions were rising. He stated that flu cases and other respiratory illnesses were also factors in the rise in hospital admissions. Chris said that hospital numbers would continue to increase and stated that a further COVID-19 peak was due to occur.



Chris shared some information on vaccination and immunity in Sheffield. He stated that vaccination rates were decreasing but added that this was to be expected. He said that it was essential that people had their vaccinations and booster jabs, where required.



Helen Steers asked what the correlation was between those who have been vaccinated and hospitalisation. Chris stated that hospitalisations were most likely for those who had not been vaccinated or those who were immunocompromised. Helen suggested that this information be more widely publicised.



Terry Hudsen asked the board to consider how they might use this information to inform the public and partner organisations.



Councillor George Lindars-Hammond referred to the role of inequality on the vaccination programme. Councillor Lindars-Hammond asked whether there had been a clear difference in terms of infections and hospitalisations in areas of Sheffield where health inequalities were at their greatest, in comparison to more prosperous areas of Sheffield. Chris responded and stated that there was a sense that understanding the prevalence of COVID depended on testing which was occurring at varying rates across the city. In terms of the hospital admissions, Chris stated that there was not a breakdown based on socioeconomic background available; however, he said



Judy Robinson asked how the COVID-19 review plan was being used during this phase of the pandemic.