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ICS and Health and Wellbeing - Update and Role of the Board (30 mins)



Chris and Sandy were in attendance to update the board on the relationship between Integrated Care Systems and the Health and Wellbeing Board. Chris stated he was aware that there had been a significant number of apologies and he said that he wanted to have input from all members of the board. He added that the supplied report was to provide Board Members with an understanding of the new Integrated Care Board and Partnership.



Chris stated that there was some ongoing work on the Health and Wellbeing Board Terms of Reference, including some one-to-one meetings with Health and Wellbeing Board members.



Chris shared some information on themes provided by the Director of Public Health, Greg Fell. These themes included resourcing, the board’s intentions on joint commissioning, existing assets available and community capacity.



Sandy said that the Joint Commissioning Committee could assist in improving the relationship between Integrated Care Systems and the Health and Wellbeing Board.



Chris stated that the key question was ‘How (practically) is our Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board going to influence the work of the new Integrated Care Board and Partnership?’










Terry stated that there are three acronyms being used: the ‘Integrated Care Systems’ (ICS) which would be made up of two components, a Statutory Commissioning Board and the Integrated Health and Care Partnership (ICP). Terry stated that the partnership should inform other Health and Wellbeing Boards in the surrounding areas, for example Rotherham’s Health and Wellbeing Board.


Helen stated she felt there would need to be a number of connections between boards and organisations. Terry stated that this issue would form part of the constitution for the consultation.



John Macilwraith stated that he felt this was an opportunity which the board should seize. He stated that the Council HAD a Health and Wellbeing Strategy which highlights the role of health inequality. John asked how different departments within the Council could address these issues.



George Lindars-Hammond said that he was interested in looking at the Integrated Care Partnership as he felt it was the least developed element. He stated he was optimistic, but that he had some queries around how the partnership would work with the Health and Wellbeing Board and Sheffield’s other organisations. George asked how funding could be used to address some significant health inequalities. George said he felt this would be a significant challenge for the board without duplicating work and whilst keeping one another informed of work carried out.



Terry stated that he felt it was important to recognise that the legislation did not change the statutory nature of the Health and Wellbeing Boards. He noted it was important to ensure that the Health and Wellbeing Boards and the partnerships complement one another and added that the Strategic Needs Assessment would assist with this. Terry stated that when the Board thought about different determinants of poor health and poor wellbeing, there could be similarities across South Yorkshire alongside differences. He asked that the board consider which strategies would work for the system as whole, and which strategies should alter dependent on the City.



Julie asked what the hierarchy of boards would be and asked whether there would be clarification on the seniority of these boards. Julie stated that Healthwatch believed that the further away decision making was from the people it affected, the less influence those people would have on these decisions. Julie asked that engagement be considered and embedded in the structure of these organisations. Chris stated that there would be further discussions on this.

















Sandy said that given the transition of the CCGs going into the ICB next year it would be a focus to increase engagement.


AGREED: Councillor George Lindars-Hammond suggested that the board agree to convene a meeting between Health and Wellbeing Board Chairs within South Yorkshire before returning to the board with some information on similarities and/or differences between the work of the boards. Chris and Sandy agreed this would be an appropriate move forward. It was stated that the designated Chair for the Integrated Care Board would be joining the meeting in January.


Chris stated that much of the work carried out during the pandemic had improved regional collaboration work.


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