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Transitional Committees Lessons Learnt

Report to follow.



The Committee received a report of the Director of Legal and Governance which set out the initial learning to date from Transitional Committees, which began meeting formally in October 2021.



The Committee were asked to make comments on the progress of Transitional Committees to date. The Committee should also use the information to inform the development of the Committee System model.



A Member of the Committee asked a question and the following response were provided-



The Head of Policy and Partnerships informed the Committee there needed to be a focus on what each Committee is responsible for, and this should be considered when deciding the total number of Policy Committees and how often they meet within the new system.



A Transitional Committee Chair informed the Committee that they were pleased with how their Transitional Committee had been operating so far. It was mentioned that 3 specific areas of work had been targeted which was appropriate to the limited time the Transitional Committees had to operate.



The Head of Policy and Partnerships thanked Members, along with Officers who had been part of the Transitional Committees functionality.



RESOLVED: That the Committee notes the learning from the Transitional Committees and uses it to inform the development of the Committee system model.



Supporting documents: