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Agenda item

Record of Planning Appeal Submissions and Decisions

Report of the Director of City Growth Service.




The Committee received and noted a report of the Chief Planning Officer detailing new planning appeals received, appeals dismissed, appeals allowed and an enforcement appeal received by the Secretary of State.



The Planning Officer noted that the Secretary of State had allowed an appeal and awarded costs against the Council for the refusal by the Committee of an application at The Plough Inn, 288 Sandygate Road, Sheffield, S10 5SE.  The Inspector felt that the Committee had wrongly placed greater weight on the status of the public house being an Asset of Community Value and the likelihood of it being brought back into use.  The Inspector concluded that the development should reasonably have been permitted, that it was refused on the basis of local knowledge, general and vague assumptions on the prospect of the public house being brought back into community use, and without any evidence to counter the assessments and conclusions made by the applicant.  The Inspector therefore found that unreasonable behaviour resulting in unnecessary or wasted expense, as described in the PPG, has been demonstrated and that a full award of costs was justified.



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