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Proposed Diversion of Public Footpath BRA\120 off Church Street, Oughtibridge, Sheffield, S35

Report of the Director of Operational Services.



Mark Reeder (Engineer Highway Records) attended the meeting and presented the report.



The affected part of footpath BRA|120 had been unlawfully diverted by the landowner approximately 25 years ago and been accepted and used by the public since then.  It was considered pragmatic to make an Order to regularise the situation.



Members raised concerns that landowners had changed the footpath and that the practice should not be encouraged.





1.    No objections be raised to the proposed diversion of part of definitive public footpath BRA|120, as shown on the plan at Appendix A to the report, subject to satisfactory arrangements being made with Statutory Undertakers in connection with any of their mains and services that may be affected; and


2.    Authority be given to the Director of Legal and Governance to


a.    Take all necessary action to divert the footpath under the powers contained within Section 119 of the Highways Act 1980;

b.    Confirm the Order as an Unopposed Order, in the event of no objections being received, or any objections received being resolved.



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