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Temporary Change to the Constitution - Budget Amendments At The Special Meeting Of The Council On 2nd March 2022

To approve, with or without amendment, the recommendations in the report of the Director of Legal and Governance (Monitoring Officer), published with this agenda, seeking approval for a temporary change to be made to the Council Procedure Rules to stipulate a limit on the number of budget amendments able to be submitted by each political group for consideration at the Special Meeting of the Council to be held on 2nd March 2022.





RESOLVED: On the motion of Councillor Dianne Hurst, formally seconded by Councillor Martin Phipps, that this Council:-




(a)      approves the addition to Section 12 (Amendments to Motions) of the Council Procedure Rules in Part 4 (Rules of Procedure) of the Constitution, as set out in the appendix to this report; and




(b)      asks officers to give consideration, in consultation with the leaderships of the political groups on the Council, to the possibility of introducing, for the setting of the budget for 2023/24 onwards, an alternative process for determining the Council’s budget, whereby the political groups could submit multiple amendments for consideration by the Council.





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