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Agenda item

Working with the Integrated Care System (20 mins)




Pearse Butler and Gavin Boyle were in attendance to give an overview of the Integrated Care Board, which they hoped would be implemented from the 1st of July 2022. Gavin Boyle stated he felt there were good foundations in Sheffield to create the Integrated Care Board (ICB). He said there were appointments taking place to the board. He stated that the intention was to make the board representative of the community which it serves. He stated the aim would be to deliver more integrated care through engaging the voluntary sector. He said there would be four main aims for the board: to improve health outcomes, to address health inequalities, to maximise resources and to use the scale of support available to improve the health of those in South Yorkshire. Pearse Butler stated they had been to discuss this with the four Health and Wellbeing Boards in South Yorkshire. He stated the ICB was critical to moving the agenda forward, particularly for health inequality. He said that the first meeting was expected to take place in advance of the ICB being formally set out, and he stated this was likely to be in June. He said that he expected the Health and Wellbeing Board feed into the ICB in a formal way.



Dr Leigh Sorsbie (standing in for Zac McMurray) stated she worked as a GP in the north of Sheffield. She said that the area struggled with health inequality. She stated that she felt a number of the targets previously set could increase health inequalities. She asked how this issue could be navigated and whether it would be possible to replace artificial targets with more nuanced goals. Gavin Boyle stated that responding to these challenges through a health inequality lens was possible.



Greg Fell asked whether any thought had been given to the ‘burning platforms’ approach versus the ‘business as usual’ approach. He asked how the Health and Wellbeing Board might best support the ICB in achieving its objectives. Gavin Boyle stated that one of the challenges for the ICB could be to identify a smaller number of priorities for South Yorkshire, and he asked that the Health and Wellbeing Board assist with this. Pearse Butler stated that he felt the real challenge would be to achieve the day-to-day targets, whilst also addressing the larger aims of the board.



Judy Robinson stated that she was concerned that the People and Communities Strategy had a limited timeframe. She asked for reassurance that it would be possible to return to this strategy following the initial 3-month period. Gavin Boyle stated that this was a transitional strategy which would be extended beyond this timeframe.



Dr Terry Hudsen asked how the relationship between the ICB and the Health and Wellbeing Boards was envisaged. Pearse Butler stated that the Health and Wellbeing Boards would be critical to place-centred support. 



Councillor George Lindars-Hammond asked if the ultimate responsibility for decisions would be moving from Sheffield to South Yorkshire. Pearse stated that should the Health and Wellbeing Board feel that the ICB had too much authority they could feed that back to them. He added that he felt there were a number of issues which might need a focus from a wider area position, applying not only to Sheffield but other areas in South Yorkshire. He stated that if funding were devolved it would be possible for the Health and Wellbeing Board to feed into the ICB.