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HWBB Review - Proposal for Next Steps (20 mins)




Greg Fell outlined a hygiene paper, based on a review carried out between December 2021 and February 2022. He stated that the paper asked that three half day workshops be given on significant issues. Greg Fell stated that feedback had been received on follow up actions and decisions, suggesting that these workshops could increase.



Lucy Darragh said that the decision to move to three half day events would allow the Health and Wellbeing Board to prioritise its attention. She stated it was hoped that these wider events would allow lived experience to be more of a focus. She said it was hoped that fewer events would improve the quality of the events. Lucy Darragh stated that a clearly named substitute should be nominated if board members were unable to attend.



Dr Terry Hudsen thanked Greg Fell and Lucy Darragh for carrying out the interviews which fed into the report. He said that the value that community voices brought to the board was critical, and he stated that he felt these changes would enable a different way of engaging. Dr Terry Hudsen asked whether the half day sessions should be held at the Town Hall, or instead out in the community. He stated that any added programme planning for the Health and Wellbeing Board should be carefully managed. Greg Fell said that he had asked his team to be more focused on assisting with programme management. He added that he would support having meetings within the community, rather than at the Town Hall.



Benn Kemp stated his support of the concept of the review. He said he had noted the disparate nature of Health and Wellbeing in Sheffield from his perspective as a non-healthcare professional. Councillor George Lindars-Hammond stated he felt there was both a strength and a challenge that different groups attended the Health and Wellbeing Board. He said it was important to avoid duplicating work.



David Warwicker said that he felt it was important for conference style meetings include as wide an audience as possible. He said he felt it was important that board members engage with the public to ensure the right individuals attend. Dr Terry Hudsen stated that previously individual members of the Health and Wellbeing Board were responsible for this. He agreed that it might be useful to identify individuals to do this going forward.



Greg Fell asked board members to consider what would be best to cover on the agendas of future conference meetings.



Councillor George Lindars-Hammond agreed that a final Terms of Reference should not be brought in June given the changes to CCGs taking place in that time. He suggested instead that an interim paper be brought. Dr Terry Hudsen stated he would hope to have this put together before the 1st of July 2022. Dan Spicer stated there was a process to be completed in keeping with Council guidelines. He said there needed to be some clear guidance put together in June ahead of September’s Health and Wellbeing Board meeting.



AGREED: Board Members agreed they were happy with the report’s recommendations.


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