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Agenda item

Application No. 21/03651/FUL - The Royal Oak, 53 High Street, Mosborough, Sheffield, S20 5AF



Confirmation of the actions taken with regard to the issue of land contamination and the impact on neighbouring sites, additional Highways comments, additional representations along with the officer response, amended conditions, an additional condition and confirmation on private rights of way were included within the supplementary report circulated and summarised at the meeting.



The Officer presented the report which gave details of the application and highlighted the history of the site and the key issues in addition to presenting photographs of the site which were provided to committee members in advance of the meeting.



As Members of the public were present who had an interest in the site, the Chair asked if they wished to make a representation.



Michael Wattam and Chris Rosling-Josephs spoke against the application.



The Committee considered the report and recommended conditions having regard to the development plan, the National Planning Policy Framework and other relevant considerations as summarised in the report and supplementary report, now submitted including the additional condition and amended condition and also had regard to representations made during the meeting.



Due to the discussions focusing on the unlawful demolition of the building, legal advice was given that the Planning Practice Guidance provides that one option to regularise breaches of planning control is to invite a retrospective application for the site and such an application must be considered in the normal way.  The officer report and recommendation had been written with this this in mind and did not take the fact that the demolition had already occurred into account.



Councillor Richard Williams proposed an amendment to condition 35 to restrict delivery times to 10pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays.  This was seconded by Councillor Weatherall.  A vote was taken by show of hands and was passed.



RESOLVED: That an application for planning permission be GRANTED, conditionally, for the reasons set out in the report and supplementary report including the amended conditions and additional condition and the amended condition 35 regarding delivery times, for the demolition of public house (retrospective) and erection of single-storey building comprising 3 no. retail units (Use Class E) with associated parking and landscaping (amended description as per amended plans published 08.02.2022) at The Royal Oak 53, High Street, Mosborough, Sheffield, S20 5AF (Application No. 21/03651/FUL).



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