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Public Questions and Petitions

To receive any questions or petitions from members of the public



The following petitions and questions were received and responses were provided.



A question was received from Janine Lawson:


“We have only just become aware that the first meeting of the Communities, Parks and Leisure Committee is tomorrow (2pm).  This means our public question is late.  However, we would be extremely grateful if, as an exception, the committee could consider our urgent public question.  We realise it will be the only opportunity we have to raise it before Tramlines this summer.  We thank you in advance for this.  (We are writing to you as Chair and have copied the Deputy Chair, Green group spokesperson, Cllr Bernard Little from the Central LAC, plus our own councillors)


Our question is about Tramlines and securing the best arrangements with local residents and businesses for the most successful possible event.  You may be aware that improving understanding and practical arrangements between festival organisers and the local Hillsborough community is a long-standing concern.  A number of different local people and groups have made considerable efforts to secure better relationships and improvements in arrangements for tramlines this year.  We have been making little headway overall - for example, being given blanket general reasons why things can’t happen.  We feel sure that improved arrangements can be put in place to ensure tramlines is successful for all, and based on the learning from previous years.


So, and as a matter of urgency, how can this committee help Hillsborough residents and local businesses secure improved arrangements for this summer’s Tramlines festival - in particular, over the issues of festival re-entry for local residents and helping ensure the local community and  businesses are better considered over the festival period? We are looking to make sure there are specific and practical improvements on last year that can be agreed and implemented. 


We would suggest that re-entry be allowed until 4pm which would negate any concerns that the Safety Advisory Committee have surrounding anti-social behaviour whilst allowing businesses to benefit from the festival and families to enjoy the event. 


We would further like to request that an urgent meeting be convened to discuss the matter given the limited time scales available. 


I look forward to hearing from you”.


The Chair noted the question and explained that a written response would be given as soon as possible.