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Agenda item

Work Programme

Report of the Director of Legal and Governance



The Executive Director of People Services porfolio presented the Work Programme and informed Committee that it would develop firther over the summer. It was explained that it would be a standing item on the Policy Committee agendas and could therefore be shaped through conversations. It was highlighted that there were proposed items for the September meeting. 


Members raised points and asked questions. The following responses were given:


·       Each Policy Committee meeting would have a forward plan as a standing item to discuss existing and proposed items.

·       Ruth Bell agreed to find out if there was a proposal to bid for Sport England money.

·       It was clarified that the pre-agenda meetings are a good forum for discussion around adding items onto future work programmes.

·       In relation to the Induction Programme detailed in 2.2 of the report, John Macilwraith agreed to find out about the start date and report back to the Chair.




Supporting documents: