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Agenda item

Double Yellow Lines – Wolseley Road/Staveley Road and Glover Road/London Road

Report of the Executive Director, City Futures Portfolio



The report seeks approval for the Wolseley Road / Staveley Road and Glover Road /London Road cycle improvement schemes as shown in Appendix ‘A’ and ‘B’ of the report and seeks approval to make the associated Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s), with recommended amendments as detailed, subject to authorisation of the project through the capital gateway process.



The schemes form part of the Sheaf Valley Active travel route. The report sets out

the background to the scheme, consultation comments and officer





RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee:-


1. approves the Wolseley Road / Staveley Road and Glover Road /London Road cycle improvement schemes, as shown in Appendix ‘A’ and Appendix ‘B’ of the report;


2. that the associated Traffic Regulation Orders as shown are made, subject

to authorisation of the project through the capital gateway process; and


3. that arrangements be made for the Members of this Committee to visit the Sheaf Valley Active travel route.




Reasons for Decision




To ensure the two schemes, which contribute to the overall improvements on the ‘Sheaf Valley Cycle Corridor’ can be constructed when the contract is awarded.




Officers have considered alternative options involving representatives from ‘Cycle Sheffield’ and the previous Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Environment and Transport and on balance consider the proposals to be the best solutions to achieve the predicted benefits, maximising the benefits to the overall improvements to a key cycling route to and from the City Centre.




Officers have carried out a consultation with statutory consultees and frontages, making changes to parking and loading restrictions where possible.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




Glover Road / London Road

The existing Glover Road bollard closure is regularly blocked by parked vehicles, to the extent where it is difficult to find a way through for cyclists approaching from either direction without dismounting. Access to and from the crossing area on London Road is also regularly blocked by vehicles parking on the corner of Glover Road and London Road. The solution promoted provides further waiting restrictions in and around these key locations but also provides a planter arrangement for the closure to motor vehicles which should allow the passage of cyclists even if the promoted additional waiting restrictions are blocked by vehicles.


An alternative option could be to provide a much larger closure, for example from the junction with London Road, to tackle some of the current issues, however officers have tried to balance the preferred option described above with the retention of some space for loading and parking. The revised scheme following discussions with local residents also provides some alternative parking to offset spaces lost around the new closure.


Promoting a different route away from Glover Road is not feasible given that this provides the most direct and relatively traffic free corridor to and from the City Centre, away from the busy London Road / Chesterfield Road corridor which is, and will continue to be promoted as a key bus route. The route to and from London Road / Staveley Road along Glover Road is already popular with cyclists. These improvements (as part of a wider corridor scheme) aim to attract further cyclists in future.



Staveley Road / Wolseley Road

Two further options were considered to improve the junction of Staveley Road and Wolseley Road for cyclists and discussed with the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Transport, Council Officers and Cycle Sheffield representatives, held in early 2020.


Alternative Option 1

This option provided an off-line segregated crossing for both cyclists and pedestrians. Although this proposal provided a high-quality crossing facility, there was difficulty in providing a facility on the desire line without completely closing both the north side and south side of Staveley Road, which when considering existing closures and one-way systems in the area would be very difficult. The layout did propose to change access so that vehicles could only enter the South side from Wolseley Road and come out on to Wolseley Road from the northern side, however it was thought to be likely that this system would be abused by drivers and there were also questions in the meeting whether the crossing facility which was still off the desire line would be used.


Alternative Option 2

This option provided a kerb build out on the south side to narrow the crossing distance for pedestrians and cyclists. While this would be an improvement over the existing crossroads layout, at peak times and in queuing conditions it would still provide significant delay for cyclists at this location.



Preferred Option

Following an evaluation of the three options, all attendees of the meeting agreed that a solution which maintained a direct route through the junction using the low traffic ‘on carriageway’ roads on approach would be preferred. To give cyclists greater priority over the existing give way junction, the crossroads would be signalised, incorporating detection on both approaches to give priority over vehicles on Wolseley Road. A buildout would be incorporated into the layout to further narrow the crossing distance, improve visibility for crossing pedestrians and reduce speeds on Wolseley Road.


Supporting documents: