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Agenda item

Public Questions and Petitions

To receive any questions or petitions from members of the public



The following petitions and questions were received and responses were provided.



Lead Petitioner: Anonymous


The Council has received a petition containing 15 signatures, demanding an effective deterrent to be installed to prevent doves nesting on the council building block on Harrowden Road.


“We the tenants at Harrowden Road, Sheffield S9 who occupy the council building sign this petition against Sheffield City Council to demand that an effective deterrent is installed to prevent feral doves from nesting on the block.


Over 40+ doves use the maisonette building to nest, breed, wake tenants at dawn and leave concentrated droppings on balconies and ledges where they roost. This poses a serious risk to our health and well being because the birds carry diseases that are airborne and can be transferred to humans just by being around droppings. They are a hazard to tenants under the Housing Health and Safety System, as well as a statutory nuisance.


We the tenants demand that Sheffield City Housing fully fund and put in place a deterrent before the end of the financial year 2022/23.”


The Chair acknowledged the petition and explained that he understood housing officers were now looking to investigate the issue to see what could be done.



A question was received from Emily Procter:


“Ahead of the Housing Policy Committee meeting on 9/6/22 at 10am, I have a question that I would like to ask. 


I privately rent in Broomhill, and have faced problems with my landlord not providing a clean flat, and not fixing things quickly enough. Many of my friends in Crookes have faced the same problems. Do you support the introduction of a selective landlord licensing scheme in Crookes and Broomhill, as called for by Sheffield Labour Students?”


Any tenant experiencing issues with poor property condition or concerns relating to management can report them to Private Housing Standards who will investigate.  However, it is important that tenants, in the first instance, report repairs etc to their landlord to give them the opportunity to carry out necessary works.


The Chair responded to the question and explained that in order to apply to introduce a Selective Licensing scheme, Private Housing Standards must gather evidence to prove that the issues in the area are serious and extensive and meet the conditions as set out in the Government guidance.    


It was explained that the Council are happy to explore the need for selective licensing schemes where it can be clear that there is a need and would welcome a conversation with Sheffield Labour Students to discuss this further.




A question was received from Geoff Cox.

“Will this committee recommend that SCC finds the funding to set up a Home Insulation and Renewable Domestic Energy Advice Centre to replace and enhance the now disbanded South Yorkshire Energy Centre?  Sheffield needs a suitably resourced independent service that can give impartial, trusted advice to home owners on decarbonising their own properties.  The Centre should be resourced to respond to the needs of an increasing number of home owners - focussing on the assessment of properties, engaging suitably qualified contractors and the availability of grants, loans, etc.  An identical question is being asked of the Regeneration, Transport and Climate Change Committee.”

The Chair acknowledged the question and explained that it would be passed on for officers to look into.