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Agenda item

Communities, Parks and Leisure Committee Overview

Presentation by Executive Director, People Services



The Executive Director of People Services Portfolio introduced this item to give a brief introduction. The Head of Communities and Head of Parks and Countryside gave a presentation which included information on:


·       Purpose

·       Service Structure

·       Key Achievements

·       Community Services

·       Family Hub

·       Community Cohesion

·       Asylum Migration

·       Page Hall

·       Voluntary Sector Liaison Team

·       Community Safety

·       Local Area Committee Support

·       Youth Services

·       Parks and Countryside

·       Coronial & Bereavement Services

·       Sports, Leisure and Health

·       Libraries

·       Business Improvement


Members of the Committee asked questions and responses were provided by Lorraine Wood and Ruth Bell surrounding youth service recruitment, grant aid, LAC teams of staff, funding, nature emergency, marble memorial, club structures, pavilion conditions, off road vehicles in park areas and disabled access.


The Committee noted the presentation.


Supporting documents:

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