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Public Questions and Petitions











9.1          Cath Davis said there used to be a group available for children who would struggle in school, but she said that this group no longer ran. She said she felt groups such as these improved the confidence of children, and she expressed her disappointment that the group no longer met. Cath Davis asked if the leaflets available for reporting crime would be paper or electronic. Jayne Foulds stated both forms would be available. Councillor Smith responded to the first statement made by Cath Davis and said she would support reintroducing the group.


9.2          Mike Peet stated he was part of Sheffield Fifty Plus, and he stated their membership had significantly reduced. He said he felt the reduction in toilets in the City Centre was a factor, and he added that there was a lack of signage for toilets which were available. Councillor Mick Rooney stated that he believed there might not be as many public toilets available. Jamie Dean stated that there had previously been a process wherein shops were encouraged to open their toilets to members of the public; however, he stated he was not sure if this was still the case. Councillor Smith stated she felt this would be a good idea.


9.3          Dawn Sear stated she was the local group co-ordinator for Sheffield Green Peace. She said she was also part of the Sheffield Litter Pickers Society. She asked what could be done to grow more food in the area, and she stated there was a food crisis occurring. She mentioned that many allotments were not being used, and in some cases had overgrown during COVID-19. She asked if an incentive could be given by the Council to encourage individuals to take over a plot and should they clear the area within a 12-month timeframe they could be given the area for free. Jayne Foulds stated that an Environmental Champions group was laid out in the Community Plan, and she stated that it was the Council’s intention to set this up. She invited Dawn Sear to be part of this group. She stated she would welcome the opportunity to be part of the Environmental Champions group. Councillor Smith asked if information around this could be put up on the website to encourage others to engage. Jayne Foulds confirmed that this would be possible. Rowan Longhurst from Sheffield City Council was in attendance, regarding allotments she stated that the interest in food growing had risen. She said that interest in allotments had increased substantially during the pandemic and added that the waiting list was now in the thousands. She said she welcomed ideas from members of the public. Councillor Rooney asked whether the South East Countryside Management meeting still took place. Rowan Longhurst stated she thought the meeting no longer took place. Councillor Rooney suggested that those interested in rewilding feedback to the consultation for the Local Plan.


9.4          Cath Davis stated that there was an overgrown garden with a number of young trees which she was aware of, and she stated this would be open to anybody who wished to take it over.


9.5          Claire Baker and Sandra Smith presented a portfolio on the Owlthorpe fields. They stated the area was now a natural habitat, and they asked that the area not be built upon. Claire stated she found a Pyramid Orchid, which she stated was only one of two located in Sheffield; however, she stated the grass was mowed soon after she discovered it. Councillor McCann thanked Claire and Sandra for their work to date. He said he felt that when they had attended the Planning Meeting their work had not been given adequate attention. He asked that this issue be given priority for the South East LAC. Councillor Woolhouse stated that the area was an attractive place. Councillor Crossland stated he had been unable to meet with Claire Barker and Sandra Smith previously due to contracting COVID-19; however, he said he would reschedule this meeting. Councillor McGowan suggested that this item go to the relevant Policy Committee. Councillor Smith concurred with this. Councillor McCann stated he was on the Planning Committee; however, he said he felt Members influence had decreased over a number of years. He expressed his disappointment and frustration.


9.6          Alan McCain stated he was a member of the Woodhouse group, and he stated one of their key priorities was crime prevention. He stated that he was aware that 16 cameras had been introduced in S16; however, he questioned whether the cameras were working as he stated crime appeared to be continuing to occur. Councillor Rooney responded, and he stated that the Council had not appointed a Project Manager. He stated that there had also been a number of issues.