Agenda item

Central Local Area Committee Community Plan - Update & Review of the last 12 Months

Update to be given by Adeel Zahman, Central Local Area Committee Manager



Each Local Area Committee has a £100,000 budget to address local priorities, identified within their respective Community Plans.  This report sets out details of the proposed spending in respect of this £100,000 during the 2022/23 financial year.  This report gives an overview of the general categories of proposed expenditure and seeks authorisation from the Central Local Area Committee to permit the Community Services Manager, in consultation with the LAC Chair, to spend monies to address identified priorities within the Community Plan.




RESOLVED: That the Central Local Area Committee:-


(i)       noted the proposed anticipated expenditure against the £100,000 budget to address local priorities in the Central LAC Community Plan in 2022/23, as detailed in the report, be noted



(ii)       to the extent that it is not covered by existing authority, authorises the Community Services Manager to make decisions on expenditure relating to the priorities set out in the report provided that:


  • the decision is taken in consultation with the Local Area Committee Chair and the Committee,
  • the decision may not approve expenditure on any element in excess of the anticipated limit for that element set out in the report, and
  • a report detailing the delegated spending decisions taken by the Community Services Manager is presented to the next Local Area Committee meeting.





Reasons for Decision




The Central LAC is asked to note the broad allocation of funding under the priority headings identified to assist its ability to monitor its budget, and to authorise the Community Services Manager to approve expenditure above the current delegated authority in certain circumstances so that delivery of the Community Plan is not delayed.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected









Decisions on any expenditure above the existing authority to the Community Services Manager could be reserved to the LAC but this would delay delivery of priority actions to address specific issues identified in the Community Plan.


All decisions on expenditure to support Community Plan priorities could be delegated to officers.  However, this would restrict the LAC’s ability to monitor its delegated budget and delivery of the Community Plan.


Supporting documents: