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Agenda item

Tree Preservation Order No. 452, 3 Kenwood Road, Sheffield, S7 1NP

Report of the Director of City Growth Service



Vanessa Lyons (Community Tree Officer) attended the meeting and presented the report.  It was noted that a modification was required as the tree was incorrectly labelled Cedrus atlantica, which needed to be amended to Cedrus deodara.



A request to make the TPO had been received which had been co-signed by several people with affiliations to 3 Kenwood Road which stated that one of the leaseholders had threatened to fell the tree to make way for parking spaces.  A phone call had also been received from a concerned member of the public.



A TPO was made on 12th May 2022 and on 30th June 2022, the Community Tree Officer had attended the site and noted that work had begun, despite the tree being protected by the TPO and without planning consent.  The matter had then been referred to the Council’s Enforcement Team.



No objections had been received.



RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY:- That Tree Preservation Order No. 452 be confirmed subject to the modification to amend the tree to Cedrus deodara.



Supporting documents: