Agenda item

Work Programme

Interim Report of the Director of Legal and Governance



The Principal Democratic Services Officer presented the Work Programme.


It was noted that items on the work agenda scheduled for 29th March 2023 would now be presented at the rescheduled committee on 15th March 2023.



Members discussed which policy committee’s remit the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and proposed changes to bus lanes on Ecclesall Road came under. The interim Assistant Director for Legal and Governance agreed to check this point and ensure that the item would be considered by the correct committee.



The committee considered consultation methods on the green jobs strategy. The Director of Economic Development explained that initial work carried out had been on context setting and that after the next meeting of the committee, when there had been a steer from members, trade unions would be invited to enter the discussions.



It was agreed that consideration be given to submitting a report to a future committee  meeting regarding the cross cutting nature of the impact of the CAZ and other planned transport schemes and it was requested that an economic evaluation of all roads affected be carried out.



Members discussed the Tinsley Art Project and officers agreed to provide a briefing once the formal decision had been made. The final decision on the project would not be made by the Economic Development and Skills committee due to the capital expenditure involved.





1.    the Committee’s work programme, as set out in Appendix 1 be agreed, including any additions and amendments identified in Part 1;


2.    consideration be given to the further additions or adjustments to the work programme presented at Part 2 of Appendix 1;


3.    Members give consideration to any further issues to be explored by officers for inclusion in Part 2 of Appendix 1 of the next work programme report, for potential addition to the work programme; and


4.    the referrals from Council (petition and resolutions) detailed in Section 2 of the report be noted and the proposed responses set out, be agreed




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