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Agenda item

Adult Social Care Charging Delivery Plan

Report of the Director of Adult Health and Social Care



The Health and Care Act 2022 introduced a range of adjustments to the rules around the funding regime in Social Care. The changes are to be implemented in October 2023 with assessments of individuals to commence in April 2023 in preparation.



The report of the Director of Adult Health and Social Care submitted to this meeting, set out the Delivery Plan to implement the Social Care Charging Reforms in the City and sought approval to recruit the additional staff and upgrade IT software required to enable an effective response to increased demand.




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Adult Health and Social Care Policy Committee:-




(a) notes the impact of the Social Care Charging Reforms on individuals and the City;




(b) approves the Social Care Charging Reforms Delivery Plan;




(c) approves the recruitment of staff to complete the additional assessment activity required as a result of the increased demand predicated through the Social Care Charging Reforms; and




(d) requests that the Director of Adult Health and Social Care provides the Committee with updates on progress against the Social Care Charging Delivery Plan on a six-monthly basis.




Reasons for Decision




The proposed actions will allow for an effective implementation of the new statutory guidance in a customer focused manner.




Sufficient resources to provide timely decisions on eligibility, supported by provider and self-assessment, will help to maintain high standards of customer service and support vulnerable adults at a challenging time.




Clear communication will support vulnerable adults and their carers to make better decisions about their options and also to receive the benefits of the new financial rules.




Improved structures around the treatment of choice and more expensive placements will enhance consistency of outcome and support fair decision making.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




Continuing the standard approach to assessment was considered.  This was rejected due to the combined concerns around cost of additional staffing and the risk of being unable to recruit sufficient additional staff.




Supporting documents: