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Interim Standards Complaints Report

Report of the Director of Legal and Governance



The Committee received a report of the Director of Legal and Governance, Gillian Duckworth which explained the current position of standards complaints against elected Members, Co-Opted Members and Town/Parish Councillors.



The Director of Legal & Governance mentioned that the Audit & Standards Committee asked for this interim report, earlier in the year when the annual report was being presented.



The report also referred to the new appointments of independent persons (IP). It was added that 3.8 of the report mentioned that the panel who appointed the IP’s were of the opinion that it may be beneficial to appoint additional IPs, to ensure the continuation of an independent voice and to increase diversity.



The Committee were informed that 3.10 of the report highlighted the complaint outcomes for complaints made within January to July 2022.



A Member of the Committee asked a question, and the following response were provided: -



The Director of Legal and Governance confirmed the 2 outstanding complaints had been passed on to the Assistant Director Legal and Governance as she was leaving the Council on the 23 September 2022.



RESOLVED: That the Audit & Standards Committee (1) commented on the interim standards complaints update; and (2) noted the report.



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