Agenda item

Public Questions and Petitions

To receive any questions or petitions from members of the public



The Chair noted 34 submissions from licensed taxi drivers objecting to Section G, point 10-a in the proposed Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Driver Policy, with regard working on Multiple Platforms simultaneously, the submissions are asking for this section to be immediately amended so that it allows a driver to be able to have both systems switched on at the same time, (as they are the essential tools of our trade, and furthermore it’s much safer and practical).



Ibrar Hussain attended the Committee and presented the following petition:


 “More Additional INDEPENDENT Approved TEST CENTRES in Sheffield for Taxi/PHV”


Response: The Chair apologised for previous attempts at the petition and advised that this is no longer the case and that the issue of test centres will now be considered after the vehicle policy.




Ibrar Hussain attended the Committee and asked the following questions:


1.     Why is it taking so long to process renewal of taxi badges when we have an online process, this matter needs an urgent review and new full process put in place to address this issue?

2.     Implementation of the new proposed policy of hackney carriage and private hire drivers policy is proposed for 1st November 2022, can the officers confirm are all staff and resources in place to implement this policy, and refresher courses who will carry them out for Existing licensees inhouse or sourced out, and will they be free of charge?

3.     When will the licensing service open to public at Staniforth Road Depot Sheffield to serve taxi driver's, a timeline will be welcomed?

4.     IT in licensing service-  when will the licensing service get this sorted and drivers portal if any what progress, we need timeline and forward plan on this?

5.     Licensing Service does not publish to taxi trade enforcement actions and information and its costs to evaluate what We the licensee pay for annually through our fees, I want to know this information?

6.     How many staff members are in the licensing service and dealing alone with taxi section and is the service at full capacity or what is the current situation?

7.     Has Sheffield City Council supported financially licensing service in 2021/2022, if yes by how much?

8.     How many hackney carriage vehicle licences are in safe keeping currently?

9.     Future taxi policies - please outline and timeline for policy committee agenda including fees review?

Answer: The Chair responded that a written answer will be provided to the questions.



James Martin attended the Committee and asked a question regarding the concern over the timeframe for undertaking Disability Awareness training. The committee were reminded of the written representation made last time which highlighted how 3 years was far too long a lead time for providing such training. Mr Gosney requested that Sheffield City make it easier for disabled people to use the taxi service.


Answer: The Chair responded that the time allowed for training and multiple operators will be discussed in the upcoming item. 



Paul Gosney attended the Committee representing City Taxis and asked that Section G, Point 10-a stands as proposed with drivers working for one platform at a time stating that it is safer and gives better service delivery.


Answer: The Chair responded that the time allowed for training and multiple operators will be discussed in the upcoming item. 



Nasar Raoof, Secretary of GMB attended the Committee and raised two issues:

1.     In regard working on multiple platforms and the proposed Section G, Point 10-a he commented that there are other ways to deal with customer complaints on service levels, that the licensing authority/Council has no right to restrict self-employed individuals of their rights by making them operate on single platform;

2.     In regard the convictions policy on these proposals are wrong, members will find the statutory guidance is disproportionate, not diligent enough and discriminatory.

Answer: The Chair responded that multiple operators will be discussed in the upcoming item.


Mohammed Yassin attended the Committee and stated that there is lack of consultation with taxi trade from licensing, taking 4 days to renew a licence. He also stated that restrictions should not be put on drivers for working for multiple operators, nor prohibition of licence periods.


Answer: The Chair responded that multiple operators will be discussed in the upcoming item.