Agenda item

Work Programme

Report of Director of Legal and Governance



The Chair introduced the item. Some discussion took place about additional items to be added to the Work Programme.




1.     That the Committee’s work programme, as set out in Appendix 1 be agreed, including any additions and amendments identified in Part 1;

2.     That consideration be given to the further additions or adjustments to the work programme presented at Part 2 of Appendix 1; and

3.     That Members give consideration to any further issues to be explored by officers for inclusion in Part 2 of Appendix 1 of the next work programme report, for potential addition to the work programme.


With the addition of these items to be included in the Work Programme:

1.     Amey Contract Performance – Amey to be asked to present on the performance of the contract – 21 December 2022

2.     Moor Markets – Uptake of Stalls – TBD which meeting

3.     Savings – consider reports in year on budget savings for Waste and Street Scene portfolio – TBD which meeting/s

4.     Parking Enforcement – 15 February 2023

5.     Veolia Contract Performance – TBD which meeting



Supporting documents: