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Planning Application No. 22/02586/LBC - Mobri Bakery, St Mary's Lane, Ecclesfield, Sheffield, S35 9YE



Additional representations, along with the officer response and an additional condition were included within the supplementary report circulated and summarised at the meeting.



The Officer presented the report which gave details of the application and highlighted the history of the site and the key issues in addition to presenting photographs of the site which were provided to committee members in advance of the meeting.



The Committee considered the report and recommendation having regard to the development plan, the National Planning Policy Framework and other relevant considerations as summarised in the report and supplementary report, now submitted and also had regard to representations made during the meeting under the previous, associated, Application No. 22/02585/FUL.



On being put to the vote, the officers recommendation was lost and it was:



Moved by Councillor Barbara Masters and seconded by Councillor Roger Davison that the application be refused on the grounds that the property was a heritage asset that should be protected.  Members considered that the compartmentalisation of the building to form a residential unit would harm the character and special interest of the listed building, with particular reference to the cruck frame. They considered that the tilted balance was not in play, having regard to NPPF Paragraph 11d)i because of the harm to a designated heritage asset which, they considered, gave a clear reason for refusing the development.





1.    An application for Listed Building Consent for the  demolition of outbuildings and use of former bakery/cafe (Use Class E) as a dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) with associated alterations to fenestration and landscaping at Mobri Bakery, St Mary's Lane, Ecclesfield, Sheffield, S35 9YE (Application No. 22/02586/LBC) be REFUSED on the grounds that in converting the building to residential use, it would lead to a compartmentalisation of the space which would result in the special significance of this Grade 2 listed building (the cruck frame) being diminished. This less than substantial harm is not outweighed by the public benefits of the proposal; and


2.    Members agreed that the final wording of the reason for refusal with the correct policy references should be delegated to the Head of Planning in conjunction with the co-opted Chair for this item.



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