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Early Years School Readiness Review



The Committee considered a report of the Director of Children’s Services on the findings of the Early Years School Readiness review and the actions taken to address the issues to date.




There were a number of key areas where the Committee was being asked to endorse the progression of strategic level activity to support the Council and partnership ambitions in terms of Ready Children, Ready Families and Ready Schools in raising the numbers of children who arrive in school ready for learning and life.




The Committee considered the findings of the review and the importance of Early Years in the long-term life chances of Sheffield Citizens within the wider context of planning and commissioning for Education, Children and Families.




Members of the Committee asked questions and made comments on various aspects of Early Years’ provision, including - the importance of speech and language provision; community support and resilience; the proposed leadership role; input to the governance review; supporting parent and toddler group activities; the value of early years’ investment; impact of SEND on school readiness; stakeholder involvement; contribution of climate benefits; and the role of the Family Hubs.




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Education, Children and Families Policy Committee endorses the recommendations within the Early Years Readiness Review report, which include:-




·       the development of a leadership role for Sheffield Early Years;

·       consideration and exploration of increased investment in Portage workers;

·       consideration and exploration of increased investment into Early Years Prevention services and Early Years SEND support;

·       Early Years SEND support integration into the wider early years system; and

·       further development of parental voice and influence in terms of service development using the opportunities presented by the development of Family Hubs.


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