Agenda item

Public Questions and Petitions

To receive any questions or petitions from members of the public



The Chair (Councillor Ruth Milsom), stated that public questions received relating to item 7 on the agenda (Item 6 of these minutes), would be received during consideration of that item.




Question asked by James Martin on behalf of Disability Sheffield




With regard to vaccination accessibility – the Jab Cab campaign to remove the cost barrier for accessing Covid Vaccinations was vital for ensuring people had every opportunity to access vaccinations last Winter. When will the service be reintroduced? We are keen to see a start that allows people who want it to receive their booster early in December and have a good 14 days to get immunity levels back up before the big festive gatherings to maximise the benefit for disabled people and the NHS.




In response, Jackie Mills, Chief Finance Officer, Sheffield, NHS South Yorkshire, said that plans were in place to reinstate the service and arrangements were being finalised.  She said information on this would be circulated via the Council’s website, GP surgeries, social media etc.  Greg Fell, Director of Public Health said that the same mechanisms for reporting covid would be in place which ensured that information was circulated to assist the public.