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Health & Wellbeing Board Annual Report

Report of the Director of Public Health



The Director of Public Health, Greg Fell presented the Health and Wellbeing Board Annual Report.




The report summarised the key points on the context around the Board and challenges within this for effective action in delivering the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, including the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the significant governance changes within the Council and NHS over the last year.




The report reviews the Board’s discussions and other work over the last year and then attempts to assess the impact of those conversations with those who brought papers and/or were responsible for work resulting from those discussions.




The report identified areas where the Board had either a direct impact or initiated work that had delivered an impact on the health and wellbeing of Sheffield.  The report also identified several issues with maximising the impact the Board could have on the discussions it had.




The Board recognised that effective delivery on the strategy was dependent on good partnership working at Sheffield place level, based on relationships developed across the system over a number of years of collaborative working.




The Board discussed how influence and relationships were measured and it was felt important that discussions were taken back to organisations to influence decisions.




The Health and Wellbeing Board agree:


·       to endorse the Annual Report for 2022/23;


·       to consider how the Board can build on the reforms to its ways of working to continue progress; and


·       to ask the Integrated Care Board to consider the importance of infrastructure to support partnership working at place level in their decision-making.


Supporting documents: