Agenda item

To Elect A Lord Mayor For The Municipal Year 2023-24



Councillor Sioned-Mair Richards, the retiring Lord Mayor, took the Chair and the Chief Executive announced that the first business to be transacted was the appointment of a Lord Mayor for the ensuing year.




Whereupon it was:-




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY:  On the motion of Councillor Martin Smith, seconded by Councillor Ben Miskell, that Councillor Colin Ross be appointed Lord Mayor of the City of Sheffield for the Municipal Year 2023-24.




The Council adjourned briefly whilst the Lord Mayor Elect was robed and, together with the Lady Mayoress (Mrs. Susan Ross), invested with their Chains of Office.




On resuming, Councillor Colin Ross, the Lord Mayor Elect, then made and subscribed to the declaration required by law to qualify him to act as Lord Mayor.




Whereupon the retiring Lord Mayor vacated the Chair, which was then taken by Councillor Colin Ross, the Lord Mayor.  The Lord Mayor addressed the Council.




Later in the meeting, after the appointment of the Deputy Lord Mayor, the Lord Mayor’s Chaplain, Mr. Mike Reeder, was invested with his Badge of Office and Mr. Reeder then addressed the Council.