Agenda item


To receive any announcements from the Lord Mayor, Leader of the Council and/or the Chief Executive.




The newly appointed Leader of the Council (Councillor Tom Hunt) addressed the Council and stated that he was honoured to be elected to lead the Council.  This was a tough time for lots of people in the city, and it was a duty for all 84 City Councillors to do all they could to make life better for people.  He was convinced that there was a shared commitment to doing this.




Councillor Hunt stated that whilst the votes cast at the Municipal Election on 4th May 2023, gave no single party a majority, no-one voted for nothing to get done for the next year.  Since the Election, Members from all parties have held open conversations over the last few days about the way forward and, whilst Members did not always agree, and won’t always agree, it was clear that there were many things that Members have in common.  These included a shared commitment to helping people with the cost of living crisis; fixing the public transport and making it easier to get around our city; securing new investment in the City; ensuring that every pound of public money is always spent wisely; investing in the City’s neighbourhoods and devolving power to communities; doing more to tackle the climate emergency; and ensuring that politics in Sheffield is conducted in a competent, open and transparent way.




Councillor Hunt stressed that the last point above was critical, and stated that now, as Council Leader, together with his new colleagues, he would do all he could to rebuild trust, to work with fellow Members in the cross-party committees, to bring about the changes that people in Sheffield need, and to make sure Sheffield Council was 100% focused on meeting people’s priorities.