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Notices Of Motion At Council Meetings In The Municipal Year 2023-24

To agree the order in which Notices of Motion will be listed on the Council Summons for ordinary meetings of the Council during the Municipal Year 2023-24.


Details of the proposed order, which shall be based according to the relative size of the various political groups on the Council, will be circulated at the meeting.




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: On the motion formally moved by Councillor Sioned-Mair Richards, and formally seconded by Councillor Joe Otten, that:-




Further to Council Procedure Rule 10.2, the order in which Notices of Motion shall be listed on the Summons for the six ordinary meetings of the Council in the Municipal Year 2023-24 shall be as follows:-




July 2023 – Labour / LibDem / Green / Labour




September – LibDem / Labour / LibDem / Other (Cons)




October – Labour / Green / LibDem / Labour




November – Green / Labour / LibDem / Labour




December – LibDem / Labour / LibDem / Other (Ind)




February 2024 – Labour / LibDem / Green / Labour




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